Outliers and outperformers wanted

Outliers and outperformers wanted

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Industry Expert Automation Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Arch Systems is seeking an Industry Expert Automation Engineer to join our rapidly scaling team and drive product demonstrations, consultative technical need finding, and solution co-creation with prospective and expansion customers.

Started by Stanford Engineering PhDs and grown out of non-profit work in Africa, Arch is a venture-backed company working with the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. We combine rich data from all machines, new and legacy, to drive real time and predictive analytics transforming manufacturing efficiency and how we work.

We are looking for talented and driven people who seek a lasting impact both in transforming manufacturing operations as well as making critical industries more efficient, connected, and sustainable. Come join our diverse and passionate team.

About Arch Systems

Founded by Stanford Engineering PhDs and emerging from impactful non-profit endeavors in Africa, Arch is a venture-backed organization collaborating with leading electronics manufacturers globally. By leveraging comprehensive data from all machinery, old and new alike, we facilitate real-time and predictive analytics, thus revolutionizing manufacturing efficiency and workflows.

We are searching for dynamic individuals who are driven by the prospect of transforming manufacturing operations and critical industries, ultimately striving towards greater efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability. Be part of our diverse and committed team!


We adhere to equitable compensation practices, benchmarking against prevailing rates in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our compensation structure includes various elements such as base salary and performance incentives.

Employees based in the US can anticipate competitive benefits for themselves and their dependents, alongside equity ownership within the company.

Applicants from regions outside the US will be considered for employment with one of our esteemed partners, thereby receiving benefits through them, in addition to NQSOs from Arch Systems.


Even before the onset of COVID-19, Arch has embraced a remote-friendly work environment. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship at this juncture. Arch also adheres to the regulations set forth by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to ensure compliance with all applicable sanctions programs. We do not engage in any transactions or employment activities that violate OFAC regulations, including hiring individuals from countries under US sanctions.


You will be an Industry Expert Automation Engineer working closely between the Sales and Customer Success teams to develop and realize opportunities with new prospects and expansion customers. This role has a focus on technical demonstrations, problem solving, and solution architecture. You will be able to demonstrate Arch applications, impress customers at what the platform does and what they can do with the platform. More senior candidates will be able to engage in consultative selling and SOW definition directly, understanding the customer’s unique pain points and technical challenges, how they match with Arch libraries and non-library capabilities, benchmarking against other solutions in the market, and forming optimized plans that solve the need in the best way our tools allow.


  • Configure and map PLC tags based on project requirements, including input and output signals, alarms, and data points.
  • Collaborate with project teams to understand the requirements and specifications for PLC tag mapping
  • Share Arch’s vision to use machine data and analytics to transform manufacturing and supply chain efficiency
  • Engage your Industrial Engineer experience to build our next generation product , Bring that extra knowledge to the entire team to collaborate on the specific tasks
  • Support more on the Discrete manufacturing area to evaluate what's needed – be able to identify customers competence and needs
  • Be able to build comprehensive ROI Model
  • Drive technical demonstrations, pairing with account executives to impress and successfully engage with new prospects.
  • Engage prospects to understand business and technical needs and be able to map them against Arch capabilities
  • Work with customers success to ensure new opportunities can be delivered upon in a timely fashion developing new solution architectures and SOWs
  • Help write SOWs and negotiate contracts to close that are clearly written, useful, and guide great milestones and delivery for both the customer and for Arch.
  • Likewise, join account managers and application engineers in pilot and expansion accounts to give demos, come up with new solutions, and realize additional SOWs inside existing accounts.
  • Provide feedback and give guidance on features and ideas for internal and external tools to serve customer needs effectively.
  • Deep understanding of our problem domain (machine data analytics in the electronics and discrete manufacturing industry) to be able to propose technical solutions to complex challenges that work at scale in an industrial context.
  • Research and benchmark specific requirements and industry standards based on your customer segment profile and area of expertise
  • Collaborate and communicate directly with sales people and engineers across initial sales through deployments for end to end success


    • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Automation, or a related field.
    • Proven experience in PLC programming and tag mapping, preferably in industrial automation.
    • Strong knowledge of PLC systems,.
    • Familiarity with HMI/SCADA systems and their integration with PLCs.
    • Solid understanding of industrial communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus, or Profibus.
    • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
    • Strong attention to detail and ability to work with precision
    • Professional experience using, developing, and co-selling enterprise software solutions to solve industrial problems as a sales engineer, technical pre-sales or solution consultant
    • Technical fluency, demonstrated ability to understand, interpret and articulate complex technical information to both technical and executive audiences
    • Ability to master web based manufacturing software to be a super user, configurator, and master trainer for customers
    • Customer focus, passion to understand customer needs and co-create the right solutions that delight users and secure financial ROI in discrete and electronics manufacturing and global supply chain environments.
    • Interpersonal skills allowing you to craft compelling technical and business stories and bring them to stakeholders from individual plants to high level OT and IT leaders.
    • Sound business judgment, ability to move quickly through many potential opportunities and focus in on only the best most aligned between customer and Arch.
    • Operational excellence, attention to detail, and clarity in written communication.
    • Startup attitude and curiosity, energized to be in a rapidly changing environment, roll up your sleeves, wear multiple hats and help the whole team succeed


      • Expertise in PLC Programming and Tag Mapping: Demonstrating a solid understanding of PLC programming and tag mapping is crucial. Highlight your experience in mapping and configuring PLC tags, as well as your knowledge of different PLC systems,
      • Strong Technical Knowledge: Showcase your deep knowledge of PLC systems, industrial communication protocols (such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus, or Profibus), and familiarity with HMI/SCADA systems. Emphasize your ability to troubleshoot and resolve PLC tag mapping issues.
      • Experience in Industrial Automation: Previous experience in industrial automation is highly valued. Highlight your experience working on automation projects and collaborating with engineers, technicians, and project managers to ensure accurate mapping and efficient communication between PLC systems and other automation components.
      • Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills: Showcase your problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, emphasizing your ability to conduct thorough testing, identify errors or discrepancies, and resolve mapping issues to ensure optimal functionality and performance.
      • For Discrete :
        Manufacturing Processes and Systems:
        • Deep understanding of various manufacturing processes, including machining, assembly, fabrication, and quality control.
        • Familiarity with process optimization techniques like Six Sigma, Lean, and value stream mapping.
        • Ability to work with cross-functional teams to understand product requirements and design specifications.
        • Awareness of automation technologies, including robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.
        • Knowledge of quality control techniques, statistical process control (SPC), and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).
        • Proficiency in using data analysis tools to monitor, analyze, and interpret manufacturing data for process improvement.
        • Ability to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
        • Understanding of industry-specific regulations and standards that impact manufacturing processes, such as safety and environmental regulations.
      • Direct experience with our target customers, electronics and discrete contract manufacturers (CMs), with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) utilizing electronics assembly or other smart factory equipment to build a product, or at a machine makers creating and selling manufacturing equipment
      • Experience being customer facing as an engineer or even working in a program management or account management capacity in addition to your engineering role
      • Passion for manufacturing and for building more connected, intelligent, and sustainable industry.
      • Expert background in one or more of the areas of Arch business including but not limited to
        • Background in Medical or Life Science segment including knowledge of standards and regulations; proven experience in running certifications in those areas


        • Ambitious and clear vision of how you can be a part of transforming the manufacturing supply chain and building next generation IoT technology
        • Highly motivated and experienced team with the relevant domain expertise and network
        • Ability to deploy your work solving cutting edge problems with Fortune 500 customers and in top impact programs
        • Learning & Development budget to allow you to continue to grow in not only your function, but in any way that relates!
        • Trust in your ability to do your best work when and where you want and to communicate this with your team
        • Flexible Time Off including an end-of-year break in addition to local holidays and religious observances
        • Opportunity to challenge yourself, be nurtured, and grow in a highly dynamic environment
          • A culture that welcomes and encourages autonomy, ownership, and transparency; allowing you to make, learn from, and teach others in your “failures” as much as your successes
          • Potential to travel to annual Arch Summit, and gather in person with all your colleagues
          • A culture of diversity of thought and background with many languages and nationalities on the team

        Resumes must be submitted in English

        We encourage interested and enthusiastic applicants to apply and not allow imposter syndrome to self-select out of an opportunity. We believe in hiring people as their full and authentic selves, allowing them to utilize their strengths and then helping them to learn, grow, and add to those strengths