Outliers and outperformers wanted

Outliers and outperformers wanted

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Partner Success Manager



Chicago, IL, USA
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024

Win More Together™ with DubClub

The DubClub online ecosystem enables sports content creators and sports data providers (collectively termed “cappers”) to make more money with DubClub than anywhere else, while providing a superior experience of information delivery and advantageous interaction for subscribers of cappers.

  • For cappers: DubClub provides a member buyer network along with a suite of tools, which cappers collectively use to grow their business and reliably deliver their content to their DubClub subscribers.

  • For subscribers: DubClub offers the fastest content delivery (via push, Telegram, email, Discord) along with communities integrations and “capper discovery” to power a great user experience.

DubClub was founded by a team of Stanford football and baseball alumni who launched the company’s first product in October 2021. Since then, DubClub has scaled rapidly to hundreds of thousands of users (DubClub "members"), with millions in revenue generated by cappers through the platform. DubClub is backed with Series A funding from a leading Silicon Valley tech VC firm and a leading sports-focused tech VC firm out of New York.

Our Vision is to structurally benefit millions of people through the expertise of our customers (sports cappers).

We will achieve our Mission and Vision by relentlessly delivering growth for our customers.

  • Dub, verb. Slang for the word “Win”.

  • Club, noun. An association of people with common interests.

The Role

The Partner Success team at our sports content company is dedicated to supporting and empowering our sports content partners. These partners share valuable sports-related content with their audience through our platform.

This is not your typical Success role. Here’s why:

  • You will work directly with DubClub’s partners (”partners”) to drive outcomes to the businesses they run on the DubClub platform.

  • You will provide support and leverage growth tools to ensure our partners success while shaping the future direction of DubClub products.

  • You will partner with a small, founder-led “Partner Success” org that is obsessed with driving results.

  • You will have a direct impact on DubClub’s bottom line.

  • You will work alongside an early stage team consisting of the founding team, social media team, and GTM to grow DubClub’s ecosystem.

The Problems You Will Solve

  • Efficient Management of Partner Support Requests: Streamline and manage a high volume of daily support requests using Zendesk, ensuring timely and effective resolution.

  • Scalable Account Management: Develop a library of one-touch responses to handle common inquiries quickly, ensuring consistent and scalable support for a large number of partners.

  • Effective Mass Communication with Partners: Test and implement various forms of mass communication, such as webinars and live streams, to engage with partners efficiently and effectively.

  • Centralized Resource Management: Curate and maintain a comprehensive library of resources to empower partners with the knowledge they need to succeed.

  • Identifying High-Potential Partners: Continuously monitor partners to identify those gaining significant traction and provide them with a more strategic and tailored account management approach to maximize their growth.

  • Influence Product Development: Utilize insights from interactions and data to shape the DubClub product roadmap, ensuring it meets the needs of our partners.

  • Establish Enduring Operations: Act as an elite relationship and project manager, developing successful, repeatable processes for working with partners.

What Makes a Great Candidate

  • Experience in Account Management: You have experience in managing a large book of clients or partners, providing excellent support and driving their success.

  • Strong Organizational Skills: You are systems-minded, process-oriented, and highly organized, capable of documenting, building resources, and creating work artifacts to improve operations.

  • Excellent Communication Skills: You communicate well and can adapt to changing environments and priorities.

  • Innovative and Strategic Thinking: You can develop and implement innovative solutions for scalable support and effective mass communication.

  • Resilient and Goal-Oriented: You are driven to succeed, accountable to metrics, and able to maintain focus and efficiency in a fast-paced environment.

Location & Compensation

  • This role is based at the DubClub HQ in Chicago, IL (The Loop).

  • The OTE range for the this role is: $70K-$75K + stock options + benefits, etc. Please note that this range can be flexible for the right candidate.

If you want to know more ...

DubClubber Benefits

  • Impact. Everything you work on drives the business’s growth.

  • Professional growth and coaching supported. Stipend available for professional development. We promote third party “coaching” for DubClubbers.

  • Employer contribution and deductible for healthcare coverage.

  • Work From Home (WFH) stipend up to $1,000 for office equipment.

  • Laptop available for new DubClubbers.

DubClub is the Destination for Premium Sports Content Creators. Win More Together™.

Today, over 3 billion people globally identify as sports fans.

People have been betting on the outcome of sporting events for thousands of years (known as “playing”).

In the United States alone, Americans spend over $100 billion annually betting on sports and 1 in 10 Americans bet on sports every week.

Given the Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling to allow states to legalize sports betting, our industry is nascent and growing.

Most people who bet on sports end up with less money in their betting bankroll over time given the relative sophistication of sportsbooks.

Thus, tens of millions of people are turning to social media seeking capper expertise.

Without DubClub, there is no bespoke network for advantageous sports information and interaction.

As a result, DubClub exists to build an online ecosystem where everyone Wins More Together™.

Our Values (The 4 "C's")

We are product-centric in our approach to delivering growth for cappers. Our 4 main values are below.

  1. Customer-obsession

    • Customer Obsessed: Sports cappers are our customers (aka “partners”). Our partners (cappers) are our highest priority and our greatest asset. Subscribers use DubClub because cappers use DubClub. Without cappers, we would have no problems to solve and thus DubClub wouldn't exist.

    • Pain Solving: Start small, solve pain, ship a simple solution, get feedback (seek the Answers to the Test), and iterate from there. We deliver growth for our partners by solving problems.

  2. Collaboration

    • Win More Together™ Positive vibes only. We rely on each other and trust each other. As a remote-first company, we prioritize sharing knowledge through meetings facilitated by written documentation. Collaboration is KEY. Documentation is GOLD.

    • Accountability: DubClub employees are provided resources to succeed and are valued for holding themselves accountable. Performance is measured and communicated with directness and transparency.

  3. Creativity

    • Informed Risk Taking: We place educated bets (quite literally using the advice of cappers). We de-risk our big ideas with theses that we can test and data that provides us with a measurable outcome.

    • Compound Value: We double down on bets that can provide value for our partners (cappers) and our partners’ customers (subscribers).

  4. Clarity

    • Intentional decision-making: *We make decisions collaboratively, but with intentionality. To avoid extraneous opinions that slow us down, we use the RAPID framework and provide Answers To The Test for components of the RAPID.

    • Less is more: We eliminate ambiguity and reduce complexity to increase comprehension. This applies to processes, protocols, documentation, code, and more. Clear eyes… full hearts… Win More Together™.

    • Housekeeping: Regular cleanup ensures that we avoid extraneous noise that can slow us down. We strive to be anti-chaos machines.

Why Work With Us at DubClub? 💚

  • You will have a real impact (quickly!) on real people's lives in a rapidly emerging industry.

  • We're in a novel industry solving novel problems.

  • Embrace the freedom to experiment: Have a good idea...? Ask highly engaged partners and subscribers, start small, ship it, get feedback, then iterate. Just make sure you come prepared to share data!

  • Prioritize professional development: We invest in your zone of excellence, provide coaching, and ensure cross functional exposure/experience.

  • Work alongside a leadership team that is open to ideas and input, while giving tangible direction on how to make an impact.

  • Receive regular 360 feedback that is focused on personal development.

  • Collaborate with other DubClubbers and work hard towards a shared goal! But, know that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our partners matter more than anything.

  • Be a valuable member of our fun, remote team! As evidenced by our 10+ food, nature, pets, etc. Slack channels.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of any status protected under federal, state, or local law.