Outliers and outperformers wanted

Outliers and outperformers wanted

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Uncork Capital-backed companies are building kick-ass teams in engineering, marketing, sales, operations and more.

Fullstack Engineer (Senior)



Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Monday, May 13, 2024

Who are we?

GPTZero’s mission is to restore information quality and transparency on the internet.

Our team comes from high-performing engineering cultures, including Uber, Meta, Microsoft, Affirm, and leading AI research labs, including Princeton, Caltech, Vector, and MILA. We are working on novel models and pushing cutting-edge research to production, including AI detection, AI hallucination detection, retrieval augmented generation, and writing stylometry to over 3 million active users, and enterprise clients including Fortune 1000 and Unicorn AI companies.

We are backed by some of the best in the valley, including Uncork, Neo, Altman Capital, and in journalism, including Mark Thompson (CEO of NYT, BBC, CNN) and Tom Glocer (CEO of Reuters) who defined a generation of quality digital information.

What we're looking for

As a fullstack engineer, you’ll build and ship responsible AI-powered products to millions of users. You'll help expand our AI-detection and verification platform and create new products. You'll build new features, UIs, and APIs, and partner closely with our ML and design teams to create delightful user experiences.


  • Ship intuitive, AI-powered web applications from scratch in React, Node, and Tailwind

  • Build on secure and well-tested API, authentication, and payment flows on our Node.js and SQL backend on AWS

  • Improve our product-led conversion funnel using analytics, user discovery, and latest methods

  • Collaborate on defining the product roadmap with our ML, design, and business teams

  • Establish a deep understanding of our users by meeting with clients and power users from academia, marketing, publishing, and data labeling

  • Design robust software with comprehensive test suites and monitoring


  • Led a significant project building end-to-end experiences from backend to UI

  • +4 years of experience with modern JS web frameworks (React.js, Next.js, and Typescript)

  • +3 years of experience with databases (SQL, NoSQL, and text search)

  • Highly motivated to make positive societal impact

  • Wear multiple hats and be a leader as our team grows

  • Visa for work in Canada or US

  • Bonus:

    • strong open-source portfolio

    • experience working in an early-stage startup environment

    • experience building Chrome extensions that are deeply embedded in the DOM

Who you'll be joining

Our Team

You will be working directly with

  • Alex (our CTO) R&D at Uber self-driving division and Facebook, 3 patents in ML, 2021 and 2019 Best ML Hack at Stanford

  • Edmond (our fullstack lead) Obama Foundation Scholar at Columbia University and Editor-in-chief of The Andela Way

  • Olivia (our head of design) on translating your research into outputs for millions of users.

  • Edward (our CEO, ex-Bellingcat, Microsoft, BBC investigative journalism) to craft the messages we send to our community, and shape the GPTZero brand.

Additionally, you will be working with an experienced (eg. ex-Google, Meta, Microsoft, Bloomberg ML, Uber, Vector, MILA), diverse (eg. an engineering team with both Y-combinator and Obama scholarship recipients, a designer with art featured in the Met), and driven (eg. an operator who has scaled a company to 100M+ revenue and is committed to doing it again) group of individuals, described by one investor as one of the strongest founding teams seen in their career.

Together, we are committed to making a permanent impact on the future of writing, and on humanity.

Our Angels and Advisors

  • Tom Glocer (Legendary Reuters CEO)

  • Mark Thompson (Legendary NYT CEO and current CNN chief executive)

  • Jack Altman (CEO of Lattice, brother of Sam Altman)

  • Karthik Narasimhan (Princeton NLP Professor, co-author of OpenAI’s original GPT paper)

  • Emad Mostaque (CEO of Stability AI)

  • Doug Herrington (CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores)

  • Brad Smith (President of Microsoft)

  • Tripp Jones (Partner at Uncork Capital)

  • Ali Partovi (co-founder of Code.org, early investor in Dropbox and Airbnb)

  • Russ Heddleston (CEO of Docsend)

  • Alex Mashrabov (Snapchat, Director of AI)

  • Faizan Mehdi (Affinity, Director of Demand Generation)

Our Perks

  • 🏥 Health, dental, and mental health benefits

  • 💻 Hybrid work in Toronto and NYC offices

  • 🚀 Competitive salary

  • 🍰 Equity (seed round was in March 2023, today, our metrics exceed many series A companies)

  • 🏝 Flexible PTO

  • 🎉 Regular company retreats

  • 💡Mentorship opportunities with our world-class advisors and investors

  • 🙌 Wellness and learning stipend